Vancouver Skyline at night

Headed out to Vancouver to do some night photography. First stop was False Creek/Olympic Village and to take a shot of Rogers Arens. Managed to get one shot sequence of 5 shots 2EV to make a night time HDR image.

I changed positions and climbed down to the water over some boulders. The are was super slippery. Made it down and set up the tripod, 5 seconds alter the camera decided to wanted to skinny drip. It went lens first into the water submerging the whole lens. Yah good times, good times.

So a few days later thanks to Olympus and Panasonic weather sealing everything seems to be working.

Shoot/Image specs

Olympus EM1 MK2 and Panasonic 8-18mm

5 2EV shots merged into HDR and edited in Darktable (linux)

Vancouver False Creek
Vancouver False Creek Skyline at night

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