Kamloops Thompson River Trek

Kamloops BC abandoned farm building on Thompson River at sunset.

Last summer while boating on Kamloops lake I noticed an old building on a farm along the Thompson river mouth. What made it interesting was that you can face it looking west which would make a good sunset shot with the building as the main subject.

Alex Fraser Bridge Sunset

Alex Fraser Bridge

For the next while most of my photos will be night time as that’s the only time I really have to get some practice. For this session I just headed down to a nice little spot that give a nice view of the Alex Fraser Bridge and the Fraser River shoreline.

Vancouver Skyline at night

Vancouver False Creek

Headed out to Vancouver to do some night photography. First stop was False Creek/Olympic Village and to take a shot of Rogers Arens. Managed to get one shot sequence of 5 shots 2EV to make a night time HDR image.

Ruskin Dam water flow

Ruskin Dam Mission BC

Had a power outage today at my shop in Mission. Since it was late in the day decided to see if I can get some shots of places that flooded. Drove by the damn on Lougheed HWY and saw that it had a crazy flow so decided to take some shots and quick video clips.

I watermark my photos

That sound you’re hearing now is the agony of 1000’s of other photographers that don’t like me doing what I want with my photos while normal people could care less about seeing a watermark on them.

Golden Ears Maple Ridge

Golden Ears Mountains

Day started already late for work, while driving on HWY 17 I noticed the mountain rage behind Maple Ridge was snowy and light up really nice. Once I got over the Golden Ears bridge decided it was worth being even more late for work and take a few photos.