I watermark my photos

therefore I am…

That sound you’re hearing now is the agony of 1000’s of other photographers that don’t like me doing what I want with my photos while normal people could care less about seeing a watermark on them.

There’s plenty of articles about why you should or shouldn’t watermark your photos. They all list the same points.

I watermark them to advertise my name and maybe 1 in a 1000 viewers one day will remember it and search out more of my photos. That’s it, well also to piss off another photographers.

  • I don’t watermark to keep someone from stealing them as that’s silly, its just data on the internet and can be taken and modified anytime. I have no control over it.
  • I don’t watermark to claim copyright ownership as again the photo can be cropped out and someone can add their own watermark.

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